Wedding + Event Design

An event atelier of bespoke design and luxury decor rentals with residency at The Grand Imperial Edmonton.

With the mindset of never doing too much and fashioning lavish glamour that is by no means too stuffy or self-serious, the team at Regency Event Decor have a vision to transform the wedding and event industry with an eclectic touch that is rich in visual interest through sumptuous textures, lavish details, lush accents and mastering the art to add an extra touch of luxury to every aspect. Boasting everyday ease with a luxe take and creating a dramatic, sensual and seductive style of decor meant to feel frivolously overdone are the standards upkept to materialize sleek modernist designs where every detail is meant to convey uncluttered extravagance. 

By specializing in a full-service experience from consultation, design and curation to delivery, set-up and take down, Regency Event Decor ensures a luxurious adventure and a glimpse of the bygone days where clients may focus on scintillating conversations with the enticing company of their guests contrary to the stresses of planning and labour.

Weddings • Corporate • Non-Profit • Birthdays • Showers • Holidays

Unapologetic maximalism

Elegantly-executed eclecticism

Glitz, glamour and grandeur

Pleasant decadence

Flair for opulence

Luxe, sleek and modernist

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